Collaborative Computational Project Number 14


For Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction
(Freely Available Crystallographic Software for Students and Academia)

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What's New

Archive of the CCP14 website development
Thursday 26th April 
Monday 2nd April 
Wednesday 28th March 
  • Please be aware the Chemical Database Service will terminate 31st March! CDS database

  • A new link - Outside World - has been added. This contains links to other crystallographic services including the ICSD

Wednesday 14th March  The following has been updated
Friday 9th  March 2007
Further Improvements and tidying of the website. Please feel free to email me,, with any views or suggestions you would like to see for the CCP14 website.
Friday 16th  February 2007
  • Bob Von Dreele has uploaded the latest version of GSAS for both Windows and Linux. The Linux version now matches the Windows version. Click on the links to either read about the new changes here or to download
  • Jose Espeso has kindly supplied a format conversion program from XY to GSAS for Mac OS, Linux and Windows called XY2GSAS. Feel free to email the author <> for any help or to report problems.
  • Reminder: a good general purpose X-ray conversion program is Mark Bowden's ConvX especially useful for converting Bruker RAW data into GSAS, XY, etc - Windows only.

Wednesday 7th  February 2007
UCL undergraduate students taking Jeremy's course wishing to download Rietica, please click on this link . The UK-1 link on the original Rietica website has been redirected.
Thursday 1st  February 2007
The front webpage will be changed shortly to reflect the new logo for the CCP14 website.
Friday 26th  January 2007
The following links have been added to the Crystallography Databases link on the home page.
  • Jeremy Cockcroft's Hypertext Book of Space Groups  
  • An EPSRC funded project at Durham University providing a web resource for structures with Z ' > 1 Z '> 1

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