[7]  AJUST      (Rius). Modified Le Bail method.
[26] ALLHKL     (Pawley). Pawley method.
[31] ARIT       (Le Bail). = Le Bail method.
[2]  BAYESIAN   (Sivia & David). Positivity constraint + Pawley method.
[1]  BNLFIT     (Locally modified Rietveld-Hewat program). Le Bail method
[3]  BNLFIT      Le Bail method
[3]  CAILS      (David, Ibberson & Matthewman). Pawley method.
[1]  CN13LS12   (David). Pawley method.
[5]  CSD        Package (Akselrud, Grin, Zavalii, Pecharski, Fundamentski)
[6]  EXTRA      (Altomare, et al). Le Bail method.
[3]  EXTRACT    part of the XRS82 suite (Baerlocher). Le Bail method.
[46] FULLPROF   (Rodriguez-Carvajal). Le Bail method.
[22] GSAS       (Larson and Von Dreele). Le Bail method.
[14] LBM        Program name not specified. Le Bail Method.
[2]  LMRH       Locally modified Rietveld-Hewat. Le Bail method.
[6]  LSQPROF    (Jansen, Peschar & Schenk) Part of the POWSIM system, Pawley modified
[7]  MPROF      (Murray & Fitch ; Jouanneaux). Le Bail method.(also = MPROFIL or MPROFIL5 or WinMProf)
[1]  PAWHKL     (Pawley). Pawley method.
[1]  PAWSYN     (Pawley)(Lehmann). Pawley method.
[1]  POWDER     (Lukss, Kuzjukevichs & Bondars)
[1]  PROFIT     (scott). similar to Pawley method.
[3]  WPPF       (Toraya). similar to Pawley method.


In fact, few of them are really available
(downloadable freely on Internet) :

EXTRA (EXPO) (needs to sign a license)
probably others...?

No Pawley software with direct access...
Or, if yes, give me the URL ?