1.3.3- Comments about PDF-2

Multiple works concerning the same compound are inside the bank.

Some JCPDS-ICDD cards carry the mention "Deleted".

The quality of numerous cards is really dubious (some carry the mention "questionable") and many cards inside the bank do not propose a cell indexation.

Some cards do not mention if the crystal structure has been determined in a subsequent or even previous work which made not use of powder diffraction methodology.

It is surprising to observe an increase of 10000 new entries per year in the Cambridge (CSD) databank of organic and organometallic compounds whereas PDF-2 increases of approximately 2000 cards of which 25% are organic.

More big critics could be made last year, but ICDD has undoubtedly progressed by including the ICSD calculated patterns!

Possibly, the CSD crystal structures will be used to calculate 200000 powder patterns of organic and metallo-organic compounds in a near future.