Origin :
Chemical laboratory

History :
Unfortunately the route of synthesis of sample 2 is not available, this is a request of the team from which we obtained this product.

Problems on the pattern :
None, this is a pure phase. The compound is isostructural with Octadecasil. The template is not quinuclidine, but a linear template whose formula cannot be given in the SMRR. Such a new template involves a slight modification of the cell parameters a~ 9.08Å [instead of 9.194(2)], c~ 13.46Å [instead of 13.396(4)], while host remains unchanged. A contraction along [100] whereas an elongation along [001] lead to a modification of the peak positions into higher or lower 2 theta values.

Notes :
This sample was ideal for verifying the ability of search-match software to identify a close-enough isostructural compound. It should be clear that such an ability is essential for avoiding enormous waste of time when performing a SDPD (Structure Determination by Powder Diffractometry).