Canning the Internet for Third World Laboratories:  
    Scientific Nexus CD-ROMs in Crystallography and Alife for Remote Scientists,
    Chemistry Webmasters 3, Oxford University, England, July 10th, 1997

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What's On the Crystallographic Nexus CD

Only a Small Part of What is on the Crystallographic Nexus CD-ROM

Third World Academy of Sciences
Has Grant Applications for Equipment

IUCr and Related
IUCR (International Union of Crystallography)
Crystallographic World Wide - Howard Flack in Geneva
Sincris Software Library -Yves Epelboin in Paris

Web Sites
Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (SRRC), Taiwan, Republic of China
X-ray Structural Facility of North Carolina State University
Indiana University Molecular Structure Center
Virtual Tour: Arthur David Wadsley Crystallography Laboratory - CSIRO Port Melbourne, Australia
LANSCE and GSAS Web Sites, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bristol University - Structural Chemistry
Laboratory of Crystallography. ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland

X-Ray Diffraction Tutorial University of California San Diego
Welcome to the Tutorial X-ray diffraction - By Proffen and Neder
Kevin Cowtan's Book of Fourier
High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Tutorial University of Pennsylvania

Single Crystal Software
CCP14 and Daresbury Synchrotron and XRD Web Pages
DIRDIF Direct Methods Software for DOS
ORTEX - PC Software for Crystallography - University College Galway, Ireland
PLATON97 for DOS and WinPL97 (PLATON97 and PLUTON for Windows)
Shelx - Various Versions from Different Labs - Ireland, France, etc
Xtal-GX for DOS - Freeware Version of XTAL from University of Western Australia

Structure Drawing Software
ORTEP III for DOS - Oak Ridge
Ortep-3 for Windows (GUI based version of ORTEP-III)
ORTEX - PC Software for Crystallography - University College Galway, Ireland
PLATON97 for DOS and WinPL97 (PLATON97 and PLUTON for Windows)
Rasmol for Windows - 3.11 and Win95
Struplo/Strvir for DOS and Windows 95
WebLab from MSI - Win 3.11 and Win95

Rietveld Software
ARITVE - Rietveld Powder X-ray Diffraction Software for Refinement of Glassy Phasess
FAT Rietan for DOS
LS1 for DOS
SR5-LHPM (Riet7) for DOS
Variable Count Time (VCT) Information for DOS - Hill and Madsen

Utility Software
CHARTIST for Windows
DPLOT for Windows - 2D Scientific Graphing and Analysis (Scatter Plots, Fast Fourier Transform, etc)
EmTex Editor for DOS
Perl For DOS - FTP Archive
PFE (Programmers File Editor) for Windows
PrintGL for DOS and Windows
Wintex95 - TeX Editor for Windows 95
PKZip for DOS

Academic Resources
Works of William Shakespeare
Vietnamese Resources
1995 World Factbook - Full Version
The Gilbert and Sulliven Archive
Digitrad Folk Song Database; Executables for DOS
The London Gazette of the late 1600's
Miscellaneous Poetry Resources
Lost Poets of the Great War, Created by Harry Rusche, Emory University
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Project Gutenberg Index Page - Fine Literature Republished
Wallace and Gromit - Framed
Masterworks of Literature

While the software immediately goes out of date when issued on the CD-ROM. Results and software can be tested for bugs by using the variety of packages provided.

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