Canning the Internet for Third World Laboratories:  
    Scientific Nexus CD-ROMs in Crystallography and Alife for Remote Scientists,
    Chemistry Webmasters 3, Oxford University, England, July 10th, 1997

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Problems (and Solutions?)

Funding and continuation of burning CDs.

Presently, this is a personally funded project. CD-ROMs cannot be sold (despite requests from Western Laboratories) as this would invalidate the basis for many of the web site and software permissions.

If found to be feasible, projects under the direction of reputable not-for-profit scientific organisations would be preferred. Administration of Nexus type CDs by individuals or profit based organisations can partially poison the good will that would be fully available for not-for-profit organisations.

Sending the CD-ROM through the post

Some parts of the world require parcels sent with SECURE POST at an extra cost (~$10) to guarantee packages will arrive.

Getting Information to Suitable Test Laboratories!!

How to you get information of this to labs isolated from the Internet?

Legal Aspects

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