ECM-20, Krakow, August 25-31, 2001
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 The Cloth-Hall
 St. Mary's Church
 In the Cloth-Hall
 In the Cloth-Hall
 The Town Hall Tower
 The Cloth-Hall
 Krakow by night
 The get-together party at Pasternik, a military training place : the singers clothes are corresponding
The Crysfire author, Robin Shirley, at the Pasternik get-together party
At the Pasternik get-together party
 Storm and rain at the Pasternik get-together party. Lachlan Cranswick on the left.
 Unlimited beer at the Pasternik get-together party
More rain at the Pasternik get-together party
"Artistic" view of the biggest hotel in Krakow
 Wavel Hill
 Wavel Hill
One of the Wavel Hill Castle towers
 The Wavel Cathedral
 The Royal Castle
 The Royal Castle
 In the Zakopane funicular
During the Zakopane tour, the guide explains what beautiful mountains we should see if it was not raining so much
 Poland is a country of dragons. Among the many legends, one says that a dragon which could only eat virgins died because they were not enough of them in the kingdom.
 Scientists during the banquet in the Niepolomice Royal Castle.
Young Polish scientists having participated to the congress organization, finding some reward at the banquet (they explained : "it was 2 months without any science"). Many thanks to them !
Two presentations available :

S9-M4-O4 : Structure determination by powder diffractometry : distance learning and distance teaching 
(in HTML or as a zipped power-point file)

O-M12-O6 : Old-style amorphous structure modelling. Does it can still bring something ? 
(in HTML or as a zipped power-point file).

All ECM-20 abstracts are online


Armel Le Bail -
September 2001